What to Do After Retirement: Continue a Healthy Active Lifestyle

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It is finally time to retire, you have spent what feels like a lifetime working every day, and you’re definitely looking forward to spending your golden years as a blissfully happy retired senior.

You feel confident that you have utilized the best retirement services available to ensure your financial security after retirement. You’re brain is stuffed full of all the investment advice you received from highly skilled retirement planners, and you have dutifully fed your retirement fund every spare penny you could pinch. Now what?

Retirement — Relaxation, Fishing, and Sleeping In

You picked up your last paycheck from work, and you’re headed home to embark on the next leg of your journey through life; retirement. You can’t wait, tomorrow morning you can sleep in until you feel like waking up, no more alarm clocks for you. You picture yourself relaxing in front of the television in the middle of the day or enjoying a cold beer while fishing for those ever-elusive catfish. You’re happy, you’re relaxed, you’re free from the restrictions of the working class.

What to do After Retirement: Ok, I’m Retired, Now What?

While watching television in the mid-afternoon, fishing, and afternoon naps do have their appeal, eventually the novelty is going to wear off and boredom will set in. Lounging around the house all day in your pajamas may have been fun for the first couple of weeks, but now it might be time to reevaluate the situation.

Many retirees go back to work shortly after retirement. Alternatively, about 45 percent of retirees choose to participate in volunteer activities, according to a study by the Urban Institute. There are many options for retirees who want to remain active and useful, in and around their communities. Read on for ideas for staying active after retirement.

  • Return to the workforce — many retirees simply go back to work to alleviate boredom. Finding a suitable job after retirement can be challenging, but not impossible. Check with your old boss, in many cases your years of service and expertise will get you back in the door, you can negotiate for part time employment if you want to work, but. work less than before.
  • Volunteer — volunteering your time is a very rewarding way to enjoy retirement. Draw on your years of knowledge, volunteer to tutor a child. Tap into whatever hidden talents you have. You could teach piano lessons, give art classes, at the local senior citizens center. Bring food to homebound seniors by volunteering to deliver meals on wheels. Hospitals, senior citizen centers, nursing homes, and even local museums often have available non-profit positions for retirees who desire to make a difference in their communities.

Enjoy Retirement While Staying Active in the Community

Many retirees go back to work after retirement. Weekly classes in art or piano instruction, at the local senior’s center, can provide fulfillment and pride for retired individuals. Whether you choose to volunteer your time to charities and hospitals, or if you are concerned about their health and welfare, volunteer for the animals. Join a group and volunteer for the environment. No matter what you finally decide to do, staying active is the main ingredient for a healthy retirement.


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