Reasons to Choose an At-Home Caregiver

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A caregiver is someone who provides assistance to another person. This person usually has physical, psychological, or mental disability and cannot live independent of assistance. Caregivers are usually licensed as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN). The duties of a caregiver can vary based on the needs of the client. The daily duties may include bathing, dressing and other assistance with personal grooming. As well as transferring the client, toileting, medication assistance and providing medical or hospice care. A caregiver can also run errands, take the client to all doctor’s appointments and provide overall companionship to the client.


Agencies employ caregivers to be hired on an hourly or a live in basis. Hourly caregivers are available to work, a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of care per visit. Caregiver prices can vary from $15 – $25 per hour depending on geographic location, however most major cities charge approximately $18 per hour. A live in caregiver is available to work around-the-clock for clients requiring 24 hour care. Usually live-in caregivers are in the client’s home for a few days at a time and are paid a daily salary, not an hourly rate. Live in caregiver salaries are paid on average between $160 – $250 per day.

Why hire a caregiver?

An advantage of hiring a caregiver is receiving care at home instead of a skilled nursing facility. Also, the agency would be responsible in ensuring that the caregiver is at the client’s home on time. Most of the caregivers working on hourly basis have their own car to transport clients. There really is no substitute for one-on-one care where the client’s needs are promptly responded to and any changes in health or mental alertness are quickly noticed and reported. It will provide great comfort to you as well as your family members who witness the daily interactions and attentive care provided by your caregiver.

Choosing the right caregiver

Before choosing a caregiver, access your needs and decide the general requirements that are necessary. Whether hiring a caregiver through an agency or a classified ad, you should interview the person, check their references and perform criminal background checks. Most importantly, trust your intuition, if this person doesn’t seem right for you or your family member, do not second guess your feeling. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Lastly, set up a schedule to monitor the quality of the services the caregiver provides. Ensuring you the piece of mind, that this person is providing adequate care.

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