Got Arthritis? Try Natural and Holistic Alternatives

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Mainstream medicine sometimes provides arthritis sufferers with drugs which carry heavy side effect burdens. Some people with arthritis choose to forgo the drug treatments entirely or to modulate them and live with the chronic pain that accompanies their daily lives. Chinese herbal treatments, exercise, vegetarian diets, homeopathic medicine, even prescribed antibiotics may offer additional relief to those who choose to fight arthritis the alternative way.

Arthritic Pain is Chronic

Ask anyone who has had an arthritis diagnoses and they will tell you the pain is daily. In addition to the standard prescribed drug Methotrexate, biologic drugs have recently been added to the mainstream medical arthritic arsenal. Some people experience heavy side effects and therefore choose to try different modalities. Since the testing of alternative therapies is scattered at best, anecdotal information is all there is and a hit or miss approach is time -consuming but sometimes successful.

Exercise is Good

Everyone agrees that in the fight against arthritis, exercise and weight control play a key role in arthritis disease management. Keep moving. Exercise strengthens the muscles that surround the joints and help protect the bones. Lack of proper exercise can make joints even more painful and stiff, according to the Mayo Clinic. Even moderate exercise can help ease arthritis pain and the accompanying stiffness.

Arthritis-Friendly Diet

Views vary with respect to the most helpful diet to adhere to. Generally speaking, some have given up dairy, caffeine and overindulging in alcohol, although for heart health, two glasses of wine per day have been shown to helpful. People with arthritis are cautioned to live a heart healthy lifestyle. It was reported that people with rheumatoid arthritis had been found to have about the same elevated heart disease risk as those with type II diabetes. This was reported at the Annual Congress of the European League Against Rheumatism.

Eating Naturally, Anecdotally

Generally speaking, it is a good idea for those experiencing arthritic symptoms to pay close attention to their diets and keep a food journal. Eliminate foods that seem to be aggravating the pain or producing flares, if an eating connection can be found. Supplementing with folic acid, fish oil capsules and natural herbs and spices like Tumeric ( 500 mg of which at least 95% is cucurmin) may be worth trying, 3x daily. Those people diagnosed years ago, unlike those recently diganosed may have to take the spice for weeks or even months to determine if they are being helped, but it is certainly worth investigating. Health food stores are good sources for the spice supplements.

The Holistic Approach

Also, positive effects have been noted anecdotally with the candida diet, a strict diet for autoimmune disorders. Homeopathy and Chinese Herbs have also anecdotally reported positive reports. Local practitioners can be sourced out on line. Conquering Arthritis, by Barabara Allan and Enemy Within, by Karen Ager , are books written by authors who were diagnosed with crippling arthritis and may be excellent sources of help.

Antibiotics for Arthritis?

Dr. Gabe Mirkin, a practicing physician for more than 40 years and a radio talk show host for 25, graduated from Harvard University and Baylor University College of Medicine and is board certified in allergy and immunology among other specialities. His website is It has been anecdotally reported, and his website indicates that minocycline antibiotic treatments are used for rheumatoid arthritis successfully. Reactive arthritis responds to antibiotic treatment.

Combine Natural and Holistic

Combining natural therapies like meditation, yoga, de-stressing coping modalities and dietary modifications, along with natural and holistic medicinal approaches may offer relief. The synergy of several lifestyle adjustments is a personal endeavor and since we are all slightly different, what works for one may not work for another but certainly the suggestions offered here warrant a closer look to help relieve the painful effects of rheumatoid arthritis.

Become Proactive

Become proactive and relentless. Don’t give up. Stay current with respect to what is new on the healing horizon, to fight the crippling effects of arthritis. Share the positive results and feedback in order to help others.


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